Sedgefield Classic Cars

Newest Classic Car Arrivals

1966 Volvo
122S Sedan 2 Litre
R 85000

Sought after classic Volvo in good original condition. Drives well and a solid vehicle throughout.
1961 Pontiac Parisienne
V8 Auto Pillarless Sedan
R 285000

New paintwork and upholstery. Complete overhaul of V8 motor and brakes. New tyres.
1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5,7L V8
Automatic Anniversay Model
R 210000

Very good condition throughout and superb running order. Low mileage. 25th. Anniversary Model with rear spoiler & custom styled mags.
1975 Landrover 4 x 4 Series 3
SWB Pick-Up 6 Cyl
R 85000

Collectible Short Wheel Base Landrover in good condition. Fitted with a Chevy 2,5 L 4 cylinder motor.
1987 Volkswagen
Passat 2,3L 5 cyl Manual
R 52000

Good condition and a Passat with unique power. Fitted with a Kombi 2,3L 5 cylinder motor and 5 speed manual gearbox.
1969 Volkswagen Beetle
1500 Single Port
R 55000

Super Beetle throughout and very stylish with the 2 Tone colour combination. Good running order.
1964 GSM Flamingo
Coupe 1600
R 280000

Exceptionally scarce Flamingo in very good condition and drives well. Limited availability of this classic model.
1953 Morris Minor
2 Door Split Window 1400
R 58000

Good all round condition and a Morris with a difference. Fitted with a Nissan 1400 motor. Great runabout car.
1979 Austin
Mini 1275cc
R 48000

Super quick 1275cc motor and drives well. Good all round condition.
1970 Volkswagen
Double Cab + Drop-Side 1600
R 185000

Very good condition throughout with new paintwork and interior.Scarce VW model. VW 1600cc Twin Port motor.
1971 Ford Capri
Perana 302 V8 Manual
R 498000

Very scarce to find one of these surviving classics. Good condition and superb performance.
1991 BMW
318i Manual Sedan
R 35000

Good original conditional and only 2 owners from new. Drives well and a solid car.
2001 Mercedes Benz
ML 430 V8 Automatic
R 88000

Good original condition and superb performance from this SUV. Low kilometres for a vehicle this age.
1993 BMW
730i Automatic
R 75000

Good original condition and good running order. Luxury BMW of the 1990's.
1964 Jaguar MK2
3,8 Saloon Manual
R 265000

Very good condition throughout and drives well. 2,4 motor upgraded to 3,8, but original motor included.
2006 Landrover Discovery 3
TD V6 S Automatic
R 125000

Good original condition throughout. Superb acceleration from the 6 Cylinder Diesel motor.
1975 VW 1600 & VW
Beetles Twin Port
R 80000

Pair of Beetles to sell together or can be sold seperately. Both good running order and one is the Special VW Beetle.
1996 AC Cobra
351 5,7L V8 Manaul
R 240000

Spectacular car to drive. Upgraded 302 V8 to a 351 V8 and a BMW Getrag 5 speed gearbox.
1970 Landrover 2A
SWB Pick-Up 6 Cyl
R 60000

Sought after Short Wheel Base Landy Series 2A in good running order. 4,1 Litre Chev 6 Cylinder Motor.
1974 Triumph Chicane
MK2 2,5L 6 Cyl Manual + O/Drive
R 65000

Good overall condition and drives very well. Recent long trip with no problems at all.