Sedgefield Classic Cars

2010 Memorabilia for car enthusiasts
Moldel cars, T Shirts, Plaques etc : R0

Unique T shirts depicting Mustang, Minis, Beetles, Volvos, to Collectible Prints, paintings, books, manuals, wooden plaques, scale model toys, vintage tools, wheel rims, motorbikes, greeting cards with motoring themes. Lots of various items to please the car collector.

We also stock a range of car care products such as polish, leather treatments, car wash liquid, windscreen wash, carburettor and fuel injection cleaner, upholstery cleaner to wheel rims.

This memorabilia section is behind our coffee shop where you can also sit back and relax with a good cup of coffee and maybe something to eat.

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Mustang T Shirt

Mini T Shirt

Volvo T Shirt

Classic Prints

Classic Print

Framed print

Wooden plaques

Wooden plaque



Variety of books and manuals

Framed prints

Range of car care products

Scale model toys


Framed prints



Wheel rims

Motoring theme greeting cards

VW 75th Anniversary memorabilia