Sedgefield Classic Cars

1937 Buick
Opera Coupe Straight 8 : R690000

Very scarce Buick Opera Coupe with twin spare wheel side-mounts and inner rear folding jump seats. Paintwork re-done last year and in excellent condition. Leather upholstery and interior equally in excellent order.

Buick Straight 8 motor and 3 speed gearbox. 12 Volt battery system. For a 84 year old vehicle this is an outstanding car to drive. Easily cruises at 100 Kilometres per our.

Officially dated by the S.A. Vintage and Veteran Association as a 1937 model.

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Side view

Right rear view

Front view

Front seat

Steering and dashboard

Closed rear jump seats

Open jump seat

Right side open bonnet

Buick Straight 8 Motor

Left front view

Extra view of front seat

Door panel



Open left side bonnet

Extra view of motor

Extra view of dashboard