Sedgefield Classic Cars

1948 Chevrolet
Thriftmaster LDV V8 Auto : R490000

Paintwork, interior and chrome in very good condition. New mags with 255/40 ZR 19 inch tyres. Power steering, leather upholstery, front and rear Jag suspension + Porsche radiator. Wood panelled load area.

Left and right side exhausts with a beat that only a V8 motor can produce. Stylish 2 tone colour combination, with matching scale model on the dashboard.

Fitted with a Chevrolet 305 V8 motor and Chev 4 speed automatic gearbox.

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Side view

Left rear view

Front view

Rear view

Bonnet identity badge

Load area

Side exhaust pipe

Front seat


Door panel

Open bonnet

Chevrolet V8 Motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor


Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Right side door panel

Extra view of front seat

Extra view of hoodlining

Steering and dashboard

Extra view of wood panelled load area

Dashboard mounted scale model