Sedgefield Classic Cars

1969 Volvo
122S 2 Door : R110000

Paintwork, seats and carpeting good. Missing hoodlining, wear on driver's door panel and crack in the dashboard. Box of spares and chrome trim.

Motor, gearbox and brakes good and drives well. Volvo 2 Litre 4 cylinder motor, Twin SU Carburettors and 4 speed manual gearbox. Collectible 2 door model worthy of some upgrading. Looks good in Maroon colour.

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Side view

Left rear view

Front view

Rear view

Front seats with sheepskin covers

Seat with cover open

Rear seat


Front carpeting

Interior hood panel minus lining

Door panel

Odometer reading

Fender identity badge

Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Right side door panel

Steering and dashboard

Extra view of front seats

Extra view of inner hood panel

Extra view of rear seat

Open bootlid

Boot interior & spare wheel

Box of spares + trim

Volvo 2L 4 cyl motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor