Sedgefield Classic Cars

1930 Ford Model A
5 Window Coupe : R430000

All the cars are in very good condition, licensed and registered. Delivery within South Africa included. All vehicles in very good running order.

The 1930 Ford Model is a scarce 5 window Coupe. Officially dated by the S.A. Veteran and Vintage Association as 1930. R430,000-00.

The 1937 Cadillac is a scarce 2 door coupe with a V8 motor. Dated by the S.A. Veteran and Vintage Association as 1937. R535,000-00.

1961 Austin Healey Sprite 1000cc. Limited availability of these Sprites. R225,000-00.

1973 Triumph TR6. Sought after Triumph series. Previous Concours winner. R395,000-00.

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Ford left rear view

Ford steering and dashboard

Front seat

Rear Dickey Seat

Ford Model A Motor

Cadillac open left side bonnet

1937 Cadillac V8 Coupe

Right front view

Cadillac left rear view

Cadillac front seat

Cadillac V8 motor

Cadillac vehicle identity plate

Extra view of Cadillac motor

1958 Austin Healey Sprite

Right rear view

Front view

Front seats

Austin Healey Sprite 1000cc Motor

Left rear view

1973 Triumph TR6 Roadster

Front view

Right rear view

Front seats

Steering and dashboard

Triumph 6 cylinder motor