Sedgefield Classic Cars

1981 BMW
R100RT Custom Bike : R160000

Paintwork, chrome, seat, tyres, all excellent. Very good runn ing order.

Engine rebuilt, new clutch, all seals replaced , stainless bolts, new tyres, brake pads and rear shockabsorber.

1000cc motor and 5 speed gearbox. 24 litre tank with 5,2L/100 km consumption. Top speed of 204 km/hr. Maximum power 51 kw 70hp@7000 rpm;

Maximum torque 76nm/56 ft lb @ 6000 rpm.

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Left front view

Front view

Rear view

Left rear view

View of motor

Odometer reading

View of seat

Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Extra view of motor