Sedgefield Classic Cars

1996 Porsche 356
Speedster 1600 Replica : R280000

Paintwork, interior and chrome all very good. Fitted with a VW 1600 Twin Port motor and 4 speed gearbox. Drives well and a super sports car that attracts a lot of attention.

Soft-top and side screens all good. Pearl white colour with tan upholstery and chrome mags. All make for a great appearance

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Side view

Right rear view

Rear view

Front view

Front seats

Steering and dashboard

Left front view with soft-top

Left side view with soft-top

Left rear view with soft-top

Rear view with soft-top

View of soft-top

Open rear engine lid

VW 1600 Twin Port Motor

Extra view of motor

Extra view of motor

Fender identity badge

Door panel with side-screen

Extra view of front seats




Open bonnet

Luggage area + sound amplifiers

Left front view with open top

Left side view with open top

Left rear view open top

Right front view with soft-top

Right side view with soft-top

Right rear view with soft-top

Extra view of soft-top

Front identity badges

Right side door panel

Extra view of hoodlining

Inner rear panel

Rear engine lid