Sedgefield Classic Cars

1981 MGB Roadster
1800 + Overdrive : R145000

Paintwork, leather upholstery, soft-top, Rosstyle rims and tyres, all good.

MGB 1800cc 4 cylinder motor + twin SU Carburettors. 4 speed gearbox with overdrive unit to select 5th. gear. Good running order and a solid vehice.

Just over 125,000 Kilometres on the clock. These rubber bumper MGB's have a higher suspension than the chrome bumper models and provide a good comfortable ride. Overdrive selector in gearshift knob.

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Side view

Left rear view

Front view

Rear view with soft-top

Left rear view with soft-top

View of soft-top

Right front view with soft-top

Right side view with soft-top

Right rear view with soft-top

Front seats

Door panel



Open bootlid

Boot interior+ spare wheel

Open bonnet

MGB 1800cc 4 cyl motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Right front view with open top

Right side view with open top

Right side view with open top

Steering and dashboard


Extra view of front seats

Odometer reading