Sedgefield Classic Cars

2020 Board Racer
650cc Replica : R78000

From 1910 through to the 1920's and ending with the American Depression in the 1930's, steeped wooden tracks were created for the Motordromes to enable these Board Racers to compete. These events attracted large numbers of spectators.

This replica has a Jap 650cc motor, no gears and belt driven. Custom built and completed earlier this year, it is virtually unused, and is based on these Board Racer Motorcycles of yesteryear. Complete with Racing Bike Stand. Would look great mounted on a wall in a "Man Cave" for example as a talking point. Album included with photos of the custom build.

Motorbikes like Harley Davidson, Indian and Excelsior made their names on these wooden tracks.

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Right front view

Right rear view

Left front view

Left side view

Racing bike stand

Jap 650cc motor

Front view

Rear view

Left rear view

Extra view of motor

Leather upholstered seat