Sedgefield Classic Cars

1972 Royce Royce
Silver Shadow V8 Auto : R220000

Paintwork has various rust areas and leather upholstery showing some wear as well as front passenger carpeting area. Chromework, grill and Flying Lady mascot good.

Rolls Royce 6,25L V8 motor and automatic transmission. Good running order. Originates from the Gauteng area. 

The car looks good but the paint does require a new coat.  

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Side view

Right rear view

Front view

Rear view

Rolls Royce flying lady

Front seats

Front door panel

Right rear door panel

Steering and dashboard


Rear seat

Rear carpeting

Open bonnet

Rolls Royce 6,25L V8 Motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Firewall identity badge

Left front view

Left side view

Left rear view


Extra view of front seats

Extra view of rear seat

Left side door panels

Extra view hoodlining

Odometer reading

Extra view of front mascot

Left rear fender rust

Front passenger carpet wear