Sedgefield Classic Cars

1979 Trax Interstate
2,8L 6 Cyl Manual : R75000

Manufactured in Pretoria from 1978 to 1983 and were also used by the SA Army. Not a 4 x 4 but with good ground clearance.

Produced with a Datsun 2,8 Litre Straight 6 cylinder motor which are known for their reliability and power. 4 speed manual gearbox and twin hand brakes where one can be used as a diff lock.

Mags and good tyres, front and rear towbars and an A Frame. Soft top + rear side screens have been added. Front seat covers but driver's seat does have some wear. Front spot-lights.

Similar in style to the SA Chev Nomad but wider. 

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Side view

Left rear view

Front view

Rear view

Open spare wheel bracket

Open rear panel

Load area + rear seating

Door panel


Floor lining

Front seats


Front seat with cover off

Rear side screen

Rear screen

Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Front grill identity badge

Right side door panel

Steering and dashboard

Extra view floor lining

Extra view of front seats

Front seat with cover off

Extra view hoodlining

Open bonnet

Datsun 2,8L 6 cyl motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Extra view of load & rear seat area

View of A Frame