Sedgefield Classic Cars

1969 Renault
Gordini 1300 : R420000

Correct Renault Gordini specification with 1300cc 4 cylinder motor, 5 speed gearbox, fuel tanks front and rear, 4 rear and 2 front shockabsorbers, and body number R1135.

Good condition and drives well. Was de-registerd and when re-introduced into the licensing system, the registration certificate shows as 2017.  Engine number had to be changed to Police engine number for system to accept.

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Side view

Right rear view

Front seats

Rear seat

Rear carpeting

Door panels

Open bonnet

Front fuel tank

Steering and dashboard

Open rear engine lid

Renault 1300cc motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Oil cooler

Rear identity badge

Mag wheels

Left side view

Left rear view

Left side door panels



Extra view of front seats

Odometer reading

Body number

Additional view of motor

Front carpeting