Sedgefield Classic Cars

1955 Triumph
TR2 Roadster 2L : R440000

Older restoration and in very good running order. Paintwork, chrome, interior, soft-top, spoked rims all in good condition.

New water pump with 5 fin impeller fitted. Triumph 2 litre 4 cylinder motor and 4 speed gearbox + overdrive. Front spot lights fitted on nudge bar. No front bumper.

Two side screens and tonneau cover included. Limited availability of these collectible Triumph TR2 models.

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Side view

Right rear view

Front seats

Door panel

Steering and dashboard

Rear carpeting

Right front view with open top

Right side view with open top

Right rear view with open top

Front view

Rear view

Bonnet identity badge

Left front view

Left side view

Left rear view

View of soft-top


Extra view of soft top

Left side door panel

Extra view of front seats


Front carpeting

Open bonnet

Triumph 2L 4 cyl motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Open bootlid

Boot interior + side screens & tonneau cover

Side screens + tonneau cover

Left front view with open top

Left side view with open top

Left rear view with open top

Extra view of interior

Extra view of steering & dashboard