Sedgefield Classic Cars

1965 Consul
Corsair V6 Sedan : R90000

Paintwork and interior in good condition. Mags, flared wheel arches, 5 speed manual gearbox and Ford 3 litre V6 motor. Good running order and a collectible Ford series .

Was de-registered and just been re-introduced into the licensing system and new registration certificate showing as 2019, although it also states Not Year Model.

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Side view

Right rear view

Front view

Rear view

Front seats

Rear seat

Door panels

Steering and dashboard

Left front view

Left side view

Left rear view

Bootlid identity badge

Extra view of front seats

Extra view of rear seat

Left side door panels


Rear carpeting


Front carpeting

Open bonnet

Ford 3 Litre V6 Motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Bonnet badges