Sedgefield Classic Cars

2011 Jurgens
Camplite Trailer : R45000

2 sleeper bed inside tent with good height and floor space. Mounted on top of the trailer and takes less than 4 minutes to remove cover bag and set up the tent.

Accessories include 2 ground sheets, fire extinguisher, 30 metre extension cord and 2 electric light extension cables, tent pegs. Rear end of trailer has a pull out tray complete with ladder, Camplite Tailgate Patio and uprights + blue canvas extension tent. Spare wheel.

2 owner unit that has been well looked and stored under cover.

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Side view

Right front view

Rear view

Cover bag identity decal

Open tent

Rear view of open tent

Inner ground sheet

Sleep area

Extra view of sleep area

Open rear sliding tray with ladder, patio & extra tent units.

Tailgate patio unit

Open nose cone

Front storage

Nose cone identity decal

Rear view

Front view