Sedgefield Classic Cars

1997 Ford Explorer XLT
4L V6 4 x 4 Automatic : R90000

Second owner bought the vehicle whilst working in the USA many years ago. This vehicle has been exceptionally well cared for and the original paintwork and interior are in very good condition throughout.

Power steering, airconditioning, automatic transmission with high and low range, and just over original 143,000 miles on the clock. Speedometer  in KMH and MPH.

Comfortable vehicle to drive and a legal LHD import into SA many years ago. Spacious interior and lots of luggage space.

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Front view

Left rear view

Side view

Rear view

Front seats

Steering and dashboard


Rear seat

Door panels

Open rear door

Load area

Pull-Out cover

Open bonnet

Ford 4L V6 Motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Rear identity badge

Right side door panels

Extra view of rear seat

Rear carpeting


Extra view of front seats

Front carpeting

Extra view hoodlining

Odometer reading