Sedgefield Classic Cars

2018 Memorabilia Collective Items
Man Cave selection : R

Good variety of Dinky, Corgi and scale models of yesterday from which to choose. Besides browsing through the large range of Classic cars you can now also enjoy a trip down Memory Lane admiring the large selection of memorablia.

In addition there are VW Bar Counters, Fordson Tractor display units, Signs, Mag Wheels, Books, old world bric a brac. Lots of collectibles for your den or what is referred today as, The Man Cave.

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Landrovers and AA Vehicles

Variety Dinkys and models

Extra scale models

Fordson Tractor display unit

Extra models

Additional stock

Selective models

More models to choose from

White Box, Sun & Oxford range

Dinkys & white metal cars

Jag braai unit, VW bar Counters.