Sedgefield Classic Cars

1936 Morris
8 Roadster : R130000

Older restoration in good overall condition. Paintwork has some blemishes, good interior and soft-top, but no side-screens.918cc 4 cylinder motor and 3 speed manual gearbox.

Converted to 12 volt battery, with cut-out switch for when not in use. 12 Volt globes and indicators and new wiring. Starts easy, drives well, good gear change, and a collectible 1930's British model.

One of the most successful pre-war Morris vehicles produced.

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Side view

Right rear view


Right rear view with Soft-top

View of Soft-Top

Side view with Soft-top

Extra view of hoodlining

Left front view

Left side view

Front seats

Door panel



Steering and dashboard

Open bonnet

Morris 918cc 4 cyl motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Left front view with Soft-Top

Extra view of soft-top

Left rear view with Soft-Top

Rear view with Soft-Top