Sedgefield Classic Cars

1966 Chrysler
Valiant 200 Manual : R55000

Collectible Chrysler series with lots of mileage still to offer. Chrysler Slant 3,7 Litre 6 cylinder motor delivers great performance and you push down on the accelerator and feel the power of this motor. 163,360 Kilometres on the clock in 51 years. I.E. 3300 Km per year usage.

Rear window has darkened over the years and would need replacing. Front seat has been re-upholstered but does not match upholstery pattern of the original rear seat. Door panels good, new carpeting and new boot carpeting. Donor Valiant available with a tinted rear windscreen that can be cleaned and used in place of the faded existing one. Donor car available at R10K.

Well priced for this collector vehicle.

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Side view

Left rear view

Rear view

Front view

Front seat

Rear seat

Front carpeting

Door panels

Rear carpeting


Open bonnet

Chrysler 6 cylinder motor

Extra view of motor

Additional view of motor

Rear fender indentity badge


Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view

Steering and dashboard

Extra view of front seat

Extra view of hoodlining

Extra view of rear seat

Right side door panels

Donor Valiant

Donor Rear Window

Rear view of donor Valiant

Odometer reading of Cream Valiant