Sedgefield Classic Cars

1964 Rover
P6 4 Cylinder 2 Litre Manual : R65000

Voted as the European Car of the Year in 1964, and produced as an alternative to the Triumph 2000. The Rover also won awards for safety features and was equipped in 1964 with safety belts. Another feature was a prism of glass on the top of the headlights that could be seen by the driver when the lights were on.

Paintwork in excellent condition. Original leather interior in good condition except for a bit of wear on the driver's seat. Mechanically good and a solid vehicle.

Not as powerful at the 3,5 Litre V8 version, but not many of these 2 Litre 4 cylinder models around. 4 speed manual gearbox. 

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Side view

Left rear view

Rear view

Front view

Steering and dashboard

Rear seats

Door panels

Front seats


Rear carpeting

Open boot lid

Original boot lining

Bootlid identity badge

Open bonnet

Rover 2 Litre 4 Cylinder Motor

Extra view of motor

Right front view

Right side view

Right rear view


Front carpeting

Extra view of front seats

Extra view of rear seats

Left side door panels

Additional view of motor

Manufacturer's Identity Plate