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Classic Cars

1972 Royce Royce
Silver Shadow V8 Auto
R 160000

Executive motoring in this classic older Rolls Royce. Drives well but in need of some upgrade.
1973 Ford Cortina
R 215000

Very good original condition and a scarce 2 Litre OHC GT model.
1973 Ford Cortina Big 6
MK3 3,4L V6
R 165000

Big 6 Cortina GT fitted with a 3,4L Ford V6 motor. Powerful and good overall condition.
1974 Ford Cortina XLE
3L V6 Manual
R 195000

Very good original condition and low kilometres. Rear louvre and vinyl top.
1975 Volkswagen Beetle
1600 Twin Port
R 68000

Drives very well and fitted with central locking.
1975 MGB
GT 1800 + Overdrive
R 155000

UK assembled MGB GT in very good condition. Solid car in good running order.
1976 Volkswagen
Beetle 1600 S
R 45000

VW Beetle "S" edition with lower bonnet, higher roof, and curved windscreen.
1976 MGB GT
1800 + Overdrive
R 88000

British assembled MGB in good running order. Paintwork needs upgrade.
1976 Ford Cortina LDV
2,5L V6 Manual
R 88000

Series 3 Cortina LDV in good condition. Few of these LDV's with Ford 2,5L V6 motor.
1976 Mazda
VG 30 V6 LDV Manual
R 125000

Unique Mazda LDV fitted with a Nissan 3 L V6 motor. Real show stopper in good condition throughout.
1976 Chevrolet
LUV 1600 Pick-Up
R 75000

Not many of these original Chev Luv Series around. Good running order.
1976 Chevrolet
El Camino 6 Cyl Manual
R 195000

Very good condition and a fine example of this collectible Chev El Camino series.
1978 Austin Mini
Mayfair 1100 Open Top
R 65000

Open T-Top Mini in good condition. Stylish fun Mini in good running order.
1979 Mercedes Benz C107
450 SLC Automatic
R 185000

Good original condition and very good running order.
1979 Chevrolet
Chevair 2,3 GL Manual
R 48000

Good original condition but with some paint blemishes.
1980 MG
Midget 1500 Roadster
R 88000

Last year of the MG Midget production. Few of these rubber bumper models available and this is a good example.
1980 Vespa
200cc Piaggio Scooter
R 78000

Good restored condition. Low kilometres for a 40 year old bike.
1980 Ford
Escort 1600 GL Automatic
R 38000

Good running condition but needs paint and interior upgrade.
1980 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta 1800
R 80000

Paintwork completely done last year. Good running order and a solid vehicle.
1980 Ford Escort
MK2 1,3L Sedan
R 95000

Special edition with 2 Tone Colour. Good original condition and low kilometres.
1981 MGB Roadster
1800 + Overdrive
R 145000

Good all round condition and drives well.
1981 BMW
R100RT Custom Bike
R 160000

Excellent condition throughout. Lots of upgrades.
1981 Triumph
TR7 2L Sports 5 speed
R 95000

Original in all aspects and a 2 owner Triumph with low kilometres. Several new mechanical replacements.
1981 Mercedes Benz
500 SL Automatic LHD
R 395000

Great example and of a very good 500SL and with original low kilometres.
1982 Ford Cortina
3L GLS Manual
R 98000

Very good overall condition. Fitted with XR6 front and rear spoilers.
1983 Ford
Cortina 2L GL MK V Manual
R 38000

2 owner car in good original condition. Drives well and spacious interior.
1983 Ford Cortina
Leisure LDV 3L V6
R 135000

Very good original condition and with low kilometres. Ex Free State area.
1984 Vespa
200cc Piaggio Scooter
R 78000

Good original condition throughout. Low kilometres and one owner for 33 years.
1985 Mitsubishi
Tredia 1800 Turbo
R 65000

Good original condition throughout and with low kilometres.
1986 Ford Cortina
3L V6 Manual LWB
R 220000

Scarce Long Wheel Base Cortina LDV in very good condition throughout.

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