Sedgefield Classic Cars

Classic Cars

1913 Rudge
Motorcycle and Side-Car
R 440000

Very rare Veteran Rudge Motorcycle in good condition. Complete with sidecar.
1936 Chevrolet
Pick-Up V8 Automatic
R 360000

Spectacular LDV to drive and awesome power from the Chevy 327 V8 Motor. 3 speed Chev TH350 Turbo Box.
1936 Morris
8 Roadster
R 130000

Good condition and drives well. Converted to 12 Volt for easy starting.
1938 Morris
5 CWT Panelvan
R 138000

Imported from the UK many years ago and owned by same family from new. Scarce surviving model.
1939 Chevrolet
Master DeLuxe 6 Cylinder
R 140000

Pre-War Classic Chevy in good condition and running order. Converted to 12 Volt Battery.
1951 Volkswagen
Beetle Split Window L.H.D.
R 295000

Scarce Left Hand Drive rear split window model in good condition. 1600 single port motor with twin weber carbs. Some original parts included.
1954 Citroen
L15 Slough
R 175000

Great colour combination highlighting the contours of the bodywork. Good condition and drives well.
1955 Willys
Jeep CJ6 LWB 4 x 4 -SOLD
R 95000

Early series CJ6 with split windscreen and curved front fenders. Good running order, been in storage many years. Ex SADF vehicle.
1955 Morris Minor
4 Door Saloon 1000cc
R 58000

Classic Split Window Morris Minor in good running condition.
1956 Willys
Overlander 6 cylinder 4 x 4
R 180000

Very good condition for this scarce surviving Stationwagon. Original 3,7 Litre 6 cylinder motor and gearbox. Drives well.
1957 MGA
Roadster 1600 Manual
R 390000

Good condition throughout. Soft-top, side screens, tonneau, + more extras. Drives well. 5 speed gearbox.
1959 Volkswagen
Beetle 1600 California
R 55000

Spectacular California style Beetle. No chrome, no badges, remote controled doors; mags. Check this one out.
1959 Austin Healey
100/6 Roadster
R 700000

Very good condition throughout and drives as well as it looks. Chrome spoked rims, tonneau, side screens, soft top.
1959 Wolseley
1500 Saloon
R 78000

Good overall condition and seats re-upholstered. Drives well. 1500cc 4 cylinder motor with 4 speed manual gearbox.
1961 Triumph
Herald Coupe 1200
R 120000

Stylish and compact sports car in good condition. Although it is a Coupe model, the hardtop can be removed.
1963 Ford
Taunus 17M
R 28000

Very few of these old Taunus models around. Good running order but paintwork needs upgrade.
1964 MG
1100 Saloon
R 76000

Good original condition and drives well. Limited numbers of MG in this range of vehicles.
1964 Rover
P6 4 Cylinder 2 Litre Manual
R 65000

Scarce 4 Cylinder P6 2000 model in very good condition. Drives well. Limited availability of this series.
1965 Morris
Mini LDV 1100
R 120000

Recent restoration with new paintwork and interior. Very good condition and drives well.
1965 Ford
Corsair 1600
R 35000

In running condition but needs paintwork upgrade. Not many Corsairs available and a great collectible project. New exhaust.
1965 Chrysler Valiant
200 6 cylinder Manual
R 145000

Very good restored condition and with overhauled motor. Drives very well and a solid car throughout.
1966 Willys
Jeep CJ 7 3L V6 Automatic
R 60000

Good condition and drives well. Not a 4 x 4 but a great Jeep Fun Vehicle.
1966 Chrysler
Valiant 200 Manual
R 95000

Very good running order and with new paintwork. Superb performance from the 6 cylinder motor. 3 speed manual gearbox.
1966 Jaguar
3,8S Saloon Manual
R 155000

Good condition overall and drives well. 4 speed manual + overdrive. New fuel system. Spoked rims. Needs some upgrade.
1968 Jaguar
420 Saloon Automatic
R 125000

Recent new paint and interior upgrade. Drives well and a solid vehicle. Great collectible series of Jaguar.
1969 MGC
Roadster 2,9L 6 Cylinder
R 375000

Scarce MGC model in good condition. Very good running order and limited availability of this Classic MG.
1970 Mercedes Benz
280SL Automatic Pagoda LHD
R 1950000

Scarce 6 cylinder Pagoda model in good overall condition. Drives well and registered Left Hand Drive.
1971 Wolseley
MK2 1300
R 78000

Scarce MK2 Wolseley 1300cc model in good condition. Drives well and a good looking model with the 2 tone colour scheme.
1971 Rover
V8 3500 S Manual
R 60000

Good original condition. Scarce "S" Manual Rover P6 B series. Good running order. 3,5L V8 motor and 4 speed manual gearbox.
1971 Fiat
124S Sedan
R 56000

Good condition throughout and drives well. Fiat 1500cc motor and special Fiat mags fitted.

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